They say one is the loneliest number. And if your organization has one or fewer FTE’s focused on midlevel, you may find yourself lonely too.

As the field of mid level fundraising matures, fewer programs are relying on the prowess of one mid level fundraiser — and are investing in teams to support mid level efforts including mid level acquisition, retention and upgrades into higher levels of giving.

It’s been a fairly rapid shift.

In our midlevel benchmark study in 2014, few organizations had one full time employee dedicated to mid level fundraising.

By 2018, most organizations we surveyed had a least one person focused on mid level.

In our 2021 study, we found that organizations report an average of 3.2 full- time employees supporting mid-level.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to take a good look at your midlevel program and evaluate the return on investment for staff to support an intimate-feeling program at scale.

Don’t let your midlevel donors whither on the vine. Invest in maximizing their lifetime value — or get left behind, alone.


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