Predicting what donors feel without listening to them first is like predicting tomorrow’s weather by looking outside right now.

You might be close. But you could be WAY off base.

Who wants to take those chances when you can look at the radar already?

Here are two examples of recent a-ha moments clients have experienced by listening to their donors.

One organization was about to shift their mid level floor threshold up significantly. After listening to the “at risk” donors (folks who would have been shifted out of the program and into general membership), they learned that 60% of those donors identified with their mid level program and valued it. They also learned exactly what those donors valued. This is helping them craft a strategy to lift their mid level floor up without (1) alienating the “at-risk” group and (2) understanding what might upgrade them.

Another client found they had been frustrating their volunteer donor members by including them in all of their digital outreach. This client now has the data and language to target volunteer members better while maximizing their non volunteers.

Listening doesn’t have to be complicated. But to have a relationship, you have to do it. So do it!