I have high cholesterol and about 5 weeks ago I did what I once thought unthinkable. I cut dairy and meat from my diet.

That must be tough, you might say. But the truth is, it hasn’t been so bad. There are actually tons of dairy and meat substitutes that are pretty tasty and have made the leap quite easy.

But this post isn’t about proselytizing the benefits and ease of a vegan lifestyle. It’s about marketing.

Before becoming vegan, I simply ignored the hundreds of products being marketing to vegans. My eyes just glossed over them as I picked up my usual 2% carton of milk or vat of sour cream. The substitutes were always there — always laser focused on their audiences. I just didn’t see ’em because I wasn’t ready to make the leap.

For non profits, there’s a lesson to be learned here. Our job as marketers isn’t to convince folks to be with us. Our job is to be there — in a helpful and useful way — when people realize they need us.

Are you spending too much time trying to convert the non convertible? Or are you focused on refining your product and message for the people who are ready to hear it?