Back packs with meal management systems built in

"Come with me if you want to lift."

“Come with me if you want to lift.”

Branch Chain Amino Acids

Strong Magazine

I didn’t know about these things before joining my tribe — bodybuilders. I sure do now.

My tribe hates on cross fitters. We eat different kinds of protein (casein, whey, soy, pea) for different purposes and at different times during our day. We make gainz. (Yes we spell it with a z). We weigh our food. We look down on cardio bunnies (they’re only wasting their gainz).

Although I just joined six months ago, this tribe has existed and thrived for decades (Thank you to patron saint Arnold Schwarzenegger). I guess I knew they were out there, but I wasn’t interested before and I certainly didn’t know their strength (pun intended).

I now identify fully with this tribe. I’m in. Speak to them and you speak to me.

Identity is powerful. What tribal identities are you marketing to? What are their interests? How does your cause relate to their identity?

Explore your own tribes and you might come up with some interesting insights.