Let’s say you’re Goldilocks. You’ve started a non-profit to raise money so you can pay back the Three Bears for all the damage you did to their home.

And you need a fundraising strategy.

How about just going to a few rich people? Hmm, they seem to all want your undivided attention in exchange for their money. Pass.

How about direct marketing? Costs a fortune to start, the returns look a little paltry, plus the only letters that work have all the subtlety of a supermarket tabloid. After all, the bears don’t want to be sensationalized that way.

How about middle donors? That sounds just right!

Please join Alia and me to talk mid-level giving at the following venues:

  • Alia will be guest-speaking at a Chronicle of Philanthropy webinar on mid-level strategy. Join her on Thursday March 17 at 2 PM Eastern. Don’t forget to wear green.

Sign up here: https://philanthropy.com/webinars/detail/1131?CID=WEBINARS1131E3

  • Mark will join the indefatigable Rachel Muir in person at the AFP Annual Conference in Boston. Our session’s entitled “Why midlevel donors are sweeter than Christmas morning.” It’s on Sunday March 20th at 10:15 AM Eastern.
  • Finally, Mark will be joined for an AFP webinar with two of his favorite mid-level mavens, Lori Hutson of PPFA and Andrea O’Brien of Wilderness. That one is on April 11 at 1 PM Eastern. No sign up link yet – watch this space…

Remember, Goldilocks had it right.