For realtors it’s all about location. For fundraisers it’s all about retention.

Retention is a core metric that indicates donor loyalty and value. And it’s dipping — especially for first-time donors.

A new report from digital marketing and fundraising firm M+R, found:

Across all causes, 29 percent of digital donors who gave in 2021 gave again in 2022. Among donors whose 2021 gift was their first to a particular nonprofit, just 16 percent made a second gift the next year.



16%! That means less than 1 in 5 donors sticks around to make a second gift. It has always been difficult to hang onto new donors. But economic uncertainty, competition and lack of trust about non profit impact are making it even harder.

That means you need to make a strong impression to hold onto donors. Onboard them well. Show your impact to build trust. Surprise and delight to stand out. Engage to build the relationship.

You can stop the retention crisis — one relationship at a time.