Organizations are not leading characters. The people who make up those organizations are.

Sadly, we often forget to the tell the stories of those people — and focus instead on the accomplishments or challenges facing the mother ship.

Mark and I just spent two days in a storytelling workshop helping front-line service providers who are trying to prevent teen pregnancy, get kids to finish high school and help those suffering with domestic abuse tell their stories.

We explored the brain science behind story and how our brains our wired to connect with each other through story. We explored the basic DNA of story — character, desire and conflict. We explored how and why story is the engine behind successful individual fundraising.

But more importantly, we explored their stories. And they courageously took up the charge. What called them to this work? What does a day look like?  Who are the clients who touched them?

What surfaced was humbling. What surfaced was inspiring. What surfaced needs to be told — to each and every one of their donors.

People connect to people — not organizations.