221 — that’s how many times I was asked to give a donation in December (from 18 different non profits).*

Granted, I work in fundraising. So I probably receive a few more asks than a typical donor. But even if we decrease the percentage of asks I received by 25% that leaves us with 166 appeals from 13 non profits.

I gave to five.


Why I gave doesn’t matter. What matters is why your donors give.

When things get uncertain and when competition increases (like at year-end), donors tell us that they gravitate toward their favorite go-to charities. The ones they trust. The ones they have a personal connection with. The ones that have high rankings on charity watch dog sites.

But don’t let me tell you what it will take to be your donors’ number one. I encourage you to ask your donors themselves. Too often we hypothesize why donors care about our cause/issue/organization without asking them directly.

This year, make a resolution to listen more to your donors so you can go into year-end 2024 with a clear understanding of what it will take to stand out and earn their December donation.

Be their number 1. Because who likes coming in second?

*Mail and email asks. Not social media or advertising.