Wow – that word escaped our mouths frequently when we spoke with Kevin Layton at the Human Rights Campaign.

Layton, and the four-person team he leads are the brains and brawn behind a sophisticated middle donor fundraising program that invests heavily in a mix of volunteer people power, events and direct marketing outreach.

HRC’s middle donor program — called the Federal Club — is comprised mostly of monthly donors who give a minimum of $100 per month. Federal Club donors make up 17% of HRC’s total individual giving across both the C3 and C4.

What’s the secret to its success?


The Federal Club team works closely with 150 volunteers in 31 communities across the country. Those volunteers — called “Governors” — each “strive for five” with a goal of recruiting five new Federal Club members per year.

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Layton and his team work closely with nearly 80 Federal Club volunteer co-chairs and the Governors to design and produce invite-only local events, as well as execute a pitch for Federal Club members at local HRC gala dinners and HRC’s National Dinner.

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Four years ago, the team augmented their impressive grassroots efforts by reaching out through mail, phone and online channels. Today, almost a third of Federal Club members are recruited via direct marketing.

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When asked about the secret of his success, Layton humbly says, “We were encouraged to try different things. The structure was created to follow the money.”

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