“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” – Sung by Louis Armstrong

Right now, there are men in Siberia hunting — and finding — massive tusks of woolly mammoths that died over 10,000 years ago.

Right now, two refugees are falling in love in a refugee camp, drawn together by love while escaping the horrors of war.

Right now, wolves are howling in Yellowstone National Park, a startling swirl of sound and wilderness.

The world is a wondrous and miraculous place.

As children we inherently connect with this wonder. As we grow up though, our wonder ebbs. We lose sight of the magic that’s all around us.

For communicators, this wonder ebb is the kiss of death. If we lose our sense of wonder, we can’t inspire it in others.

Connecting with your own sense of wonder will help you ignite it once again for your donors and your activists — so that we can preserve, protect and change the amazing world we live in.

How will you connect with your wonder today?