I’ve lived in Brooklyn for nearly 10 years. Never once during that time have I thought about what it would look like to dismantle the New York City Police Department (NYPD). I was trapped in a bubble — a world with police.

In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic murder at the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis, the City Council there is breaking through the bubble and taking a bold step forward — reimagining what safety looks like for ALL of it’s residents (not just the white ones) by dismantling their police and replacing it with a transformative new model of public safety.

Back in NYC, the NYPD’s current $6 Billion budget is larger than what the city spends on health, homeless services, youth development, and workforce development combined. It’s time to think bigger.

NYC isn’t close to dismantling the police force, but might defund them. That’s why I’m joining with thousands of others including my City Council representative Laurie Cumbo demanding that $1 Billion of that money gets reinvested into community programs. If you live in NYC, I encourage you to join me in this important fight.

But regardless of where you live, I encourage you to think bigger.

The COVID-19 crisis, the horrific murders of black people, the lack of any cohesive leadership from Washington demands us to think beyond what we know is possible — and to embrace leaping for what we think is possible.

For social justice. For equity. For community. For stronger, healthier non profits doing important work.

How can you think bigger? How can you leverage your spheres of influence to make the change you want to see in the world? This is about 100% personal responsibility.

It won’t be easy. It likely won’t work the first time you try it. But rest assured, I’ll be in that same boat with you. Stumbling for sure, but shooting for something bolder.