The organizations I work for do incredible — and often heroic — things.

  • They risk their personal safety to document human rights abuses in Syria.
  • They stand up to companies like Koch Industries and Monsanto who corrupt the political process.
  • They mobilize hundreds of thousands of passionate birders to provide scientific data on climate change.

Interesting stuff, right? Then why oh why is non profit content often more boring than a coffee mug?

Today the smart folks over at Copyblogger make the average coffee mug seem like the most interesting man in the world. And in doing so, they show us that there are no boring topics, only boring storytellers.

Our causes have the drama and urgency that marketers at any coffee mug company could only dream about. But if we don’t tell our stories in a compelling way, no one pays attention.

If they can make a coffee mug post interesting, what do you think you can do with your stories?