I click and I get what I want. If it’s not what I want, I click immediately to something else.

That’s the Internet we all live in. And that’s the Internet we fundraisers fundraise in.

If we aren’t immediately answering our donors or prospects felt needs, they will click to something else. And they will keep clicking until they find it.

The biggest web mistake most groups make is not anticipating the donor’s felt need. Our websites tend to blather on about things we wished our donors cared about — things that we care about.

But if we’re not anticipating our donors’  needs and answering their questions immediately, they’ll move on — faster than you can say “cute cat video.”

So the next time, you make a concession to your program team about your homepage feature, or the next time you decide to skimp on customer service and remove a contact phone number, think about instant gratification. If you’re not there to meet your donor, they will go somewhere else.