Mid-level donors give a lot of money. In one study of donors to more than a dozen causes, we found that people who give between $1,000 and $10,000 represent only 1% of individual donors, but make up for 34% of total individual revenue.

This group of donors is also dramatically plugged into your work and represent a significant block of commitment and loyalty. They are tuned into you because of your mission, not because they get a premium gift.

But middle donors – like middle children – are prone to neglect. They appear lost in an institutional chasm between two distinct fundraising silos – major gifts and direct marketing.

That’s why Mark and I are releasing a quick-read primer filled with concrete ideas from fundraisers like you on how to treat mid level donors like major donors without breaking the bank.

We take a multi-channel approach and give you ideas for cultivating mid-level donors by phone, digital channels, in-person meet ups and other outreach.

Check out the primer and let us know what you think in comments. Thanks!