I’m a Virgo. So believe me this is hard to say.

Ignore your to-do list.

Yes – you heard it from me.

To-do lists are great tools. But they can sometimes keep us from bigger picture thinking. We lean on those to-do’s — easy items that we can check off the list.

  • Meeting had
  • Copy delivered
  • Report created
  • Etc…

But by focusing all of our time on routine to-do’s, we don’t allow ourselves to dream, to scheme, to think bigger.

Mark and I are pushing ourselves to do just that. How can we not only raise money for our clients, but how can we transform individual fundraising as we know it — into something donors enjoy and want to fund.

You heard that right. How do we break out of a broken direct response model and break new ground?

We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we’re planning on going on the journey.

Stay tuned for what we find.