Alia and I both have music on the brain, maybe because we are both still recovering from an amazing concert by Liz Longley, my favorite singer-songwriter in the world.

Yesterday, Alia likened learning to communicate to the process of learning to play music. In the beginning it’s all rules and awkwardness and following the steps, but eventually it becomes natural and fluid and organic.  But you can’t get to the second state, mastery, without suffering through the first.

Today, Copyblogger did a fabulous post on resonance. Bang a tuning fork and it vibrates at a certain frequency. Hold it next to an object that is made of the same stuff, and  the object vibrates sympathetically. What a lyrical metaphor for the importance of “resonating” with your audience. A terrific read.

By the way Liz Longley is only 24 years old and has more than 8,000 Facebook fans. It’s not a testament to her marketing tactics but to the content itself – her voice is like a drug —  and to her dependable and endearing personal engagement on her own page. Her fans are ferociously devoted – I am proud to count myself among them.

Content always always always matters most.