In our recent Wired Wealthy Study – we learned that participants do not find nonprofit emails particularly inspiring.

Email is easy. Good email is hard. 

Do your organization’s individual emails amount to a confusing hodge podge of information or do they weave an inspiring and cohesive story line?

Take some time to look back and see for yourself. 

Put the past 6 to 12 months of email communications in order. Review those messages – each and everyone. Ask yourself:

  • Do we project out our organization’s brand essence in each and every email – regardless of program area?
  • Do we make conscious decisions about what will be of interest to our donors and subscribers or do we try and tell them about everything we do? 
  • Have we asked our donors and subscribers what interest them?
  • Do we segment our lists based on this interest?
  • Do we have several unfinished stories out there? Do we do a good job wrapping up campaigns and reporting back?
  • Do we make online editorial decisions based on internal programming politics?
  • Do we integrate cultivation, advocacy and fundraising in cohesive campaigns?
  • Do we treat our donors like online ATMs? Is there enough cultivation going on? 
  • Do we reinforce our email communication messages by promoting them on our website’s homepage at the time of launch? 
You might be surprised at the answers. Keep these points in mind as you plan your online calendar.