When a mentor you admire respects the work you do, it feels darn good.

Mark and I care deeply about fostering richer and more satisfying giving relationships between organizations and their supporters — especially midlevel donors.

That’s why we are over the moon that one of our relationship-building fundraising mentors, Roger Craver, said of our latest study on midlevel donors, “It’s by far, Sea Change’s most in depth and nuanced look at the ins and outs of midlevel giving. It contains a treasure trove of information on donor advised funds, demographics, stewardship and engagement, and examples of successful techniques and programs.” Read his full write-up here. (He also says “He told us so” in a nice and cheeky Roger-Craver-kind-of-way).


We also want to invite you to a special briefing of the study.

What: Missing Middle 4 Briefing
When: Wednesday, April 10th at 12:30pm EST
Where: On Zoom | https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2026808800

Our team along with the folks at Edge Research surveyed nearly 6,000 midlevel donors from 36 organizations.

In our study, you get to hear directly from the donors themselves as they share what motivates them to give, what keeps them engaged and what might encourage them to increase their support. Download the report for free here.

Three profiles

To whet your appetite for our discussion, here’s one promising finding: Even as discouraging fundraising news seems to rule the day, midlevel donors remain steadfast in their intention to continue giving. We’ve learned a lot from the research about what drives loyalty, what could drive upgrading, and the kinds of engagement tactics that could enhance donor relationships.

In addition, we did a segmentation analysis and uncovered three psychographic profiles reflecting a spectrum of motivations and engagement expectations. Donors are not one size fits all, and the profiles can offer some direction depending on your donors’ expectations.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have much to report and hope to see you at the briefing.


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