This is a fundraising blog, but I’m not talking about match deadlines or year-end deadlines. I’m talking about your deadlines. The ones that force you to deliver on your strategy and your vision.

That’s the beauty of a deadline. It’s the date by which you’ve committed to deliver. To make a move. To have thought through something so thoroughly you’re ready to pitch it, defend it, elevate it. Even if the idea or product is not perfect, it’s a foot forward.

Deadlines are mile markers on the way to an awesome destination.

The only bad thing I’ve experienced with deadlines is this. Once you establish a company or an organization norm that it’s ok to miss deadlines,  you’re on the wrong path.

Deadlines should be hallowed.  They are your commitment to your colleagues, to your product, to your goal and to your vision.

Let’s make them, hit them and celebrate them!