It is not a Black person’s responsibility to educate White people about racism.

As a White person committed to using my privilege and resources to dismantle white supremacy, I’ve just joined the Allies in Action Membership Network, a place for non people of color to unite in solidarity and to take action to champion, support and celebrate women of color in fundraising and philanthropy.

Membership is based on four pillars, Education, Legislation, Inclusion and Action:

  • Education: Engaging in at least one anti-racism or unconscious bias virtual program offered through WOC.
  • Legislation: Contacting at least one elected official each at the local, state and federal levels to encourage them to support anti-racist legislation and policies and pledging to vote towards racial justice in elections this year.
  • Inclusion: Encouraging decision makers and hiring managers to recruit, hire and promote women of color to leadership positions in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.
  • Action: Developing a personal or professional racial equity goal to accomplish this year. WOC will help you determine this goal and will follow-up with you as an accountability partner in this work.

It’s one small step in a long journey. And I encourage other white people who to join me and come forth as allies.