Dear amazing fundraiser,

It started way before January 1, 2020. Remember then?

Before COVID-19 was a pandemic. Before Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were murdered. Before lock downs. Before hurricane Delta and Iota. Before the Bobcat fire. Before Trump was ousted. Before this second surge.

Long before the upheavals and tragedies of 2020, your passion to create change in a world that desperately needs it took root. You realized that in order to make social change, we have to fund it. And now you raise money to make that positive impact. You should be proud.

You know that raising money is not about making asks. It’s about creating relationships. It’s about listening. It’s about inspiring. It’s about consoling. It’s about organizing. And it’s about setting the right intentions.

As we enter the most transactionally charitable season of the year, remember all the work you’ve put in — all year long.

For your donors, you’ve created clear and compelling messages that are meaningful. You’ve been transparent and have acted like a human not a bot throughout the ups and downs of the year. You’ve shown your impact. You’ve thanked them. You’ve listened to them.

For your team, you’ve set a vision. You’ve managed remotely with heart and grit. You’ve given them the tools and the guidance. You’ve set expectations about the potential impact from external issues you can’t control.

You’ve done the work of relationship building externally and internally. And now — as we enter December 2020, you should feel good about the results and insights that lie ahead.

I’m really proud of you.