What should a nonprofit fundraiser focus on in 2014?

Care2 asked 30 experts — including Mark and I. And they’ve released the refreshing advice in an easy-to-read ebook. You can get it here.

Find tips to help you:

  • Boost web traffic from search
  • Increase donor retention
  • Find your super users
  • Go responsive with your website
  • And more…

It’ll be no surprise our words of wisdom.

P. 8 Build long-term relationships

Sadly, most nonprofits will only keep 1 in 5 of their donors next year. With the amount of money and time spent on acquiring new donors, this crisis in retention should make all nonprofit marketers stand at alert.

Make retention as much of a priority as – if not more than – acquisition:

  • Listen to your donors and respond – through surveys, social media and other feedback loops.
  • Thank them – a lot
  • Tell them what you are doing with their support on a quarterly basis.
  • Call them to thank them.
  • Make them feel like insiders.

Donors are not online ATMs. You must nurture and cultivate the relationship for long-term success.