You no doubt have received countless emails and text messages from organizations you support telling you that it’s urgent. Maybe they’ve told you, supporting them now is more important than ever before. You’ve probably seen some emoji’s sprinkled in for good measure.

Heck, you likely have done this for your organization with good intention. You are trying to stand out — to get noticed.

As 2020 kicks into gear, competition for mindshare and dollars is going to get even tougher.

Instead of leaning on that emoji-laden appeal or premium offer, consider something very basic, but rarely done — building solid relationships with donors.

  • Thank them frequently, authentically and creatively across channels.
  • Don’t ask them for money all the time. Give them other things to do.
  • Show the impact their investment is helping achieve — and do it often.
  • Make them feel special with added value content that’s relevant to your cause or organization.
  • Measure donor retention, not just income.

It might take some forethought. But making a donor a loyal donor is always a good investment of time.